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What We Do

What Does The Hope Box Do?

The Hope Box advocates for at-risk mothers and infants, and educates our community regarding abandonment and the Safe Haven law.

List Of Services

A Safe Haven rescue involves receiving notification from a Safe Haven location (which includes hospitals, fire stations, and police stations in the state of Georgia) that a child has been dropped off. The Hope Box will then ensure best practices and policies are being followed and answer any questions. The Safe Haven law does vary in every state. To find your Safe Haven law, click hereThe Hope Box can also receive a call from a mother on our hotline where we will explain the Safe Haven law and work alongside her, so she does not feel alone. 
A mother-in-crisis refers to a mother who calls and is scared, confused, or just does not know what to do next. The Hope Box is here to walk her through all of her options and provide support.
Boarder or "stuck" babies are babies medically cleared to be discharged from the hospital but have nowhere to go due to lack of care alternatives. The Hope Box will work with a caseworker at the hospital and on the field to connect the infant with a forever family as soon as possible, which is vital to the development of the infant. The Hope Box is NOT an adoption agency. We are the crisis response team.
The Hope Box works alongside authorities where we provide support for any child age 3 and under in cases where a mother is caught up in sex trafficking. The Hope Box will also work with our local community partners to find many resources to protect the child.
We provide onsite and virtual training to police stations, fire stations, hospitals, clinics, and other organizations. We also provide extensive training to our volunteers.
Our hotline is available 24/7 for rescues and providing information, advice, and support at (770) 765-6301.
Join our team and become a solution to infant abandonment!

We believe it takes a community to change a community. You can make a difference in the life of a baby today.
Being a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, our mission is kept alive by donors like you!

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