The Hope Box is a 501 c 3 organization founded in 2014 in the state of Georgia. We provide trauma-induced crisis response care to at-risk mothers and infants throughout the state.


Our approach is four-pronged. We are working daily to:

1. We are working to provide education on infant abandonment, develop procedures to rescue and receive abandoned infants, as well as provide full wrap-around care for mothers in need. 

2. Provide safe haven training on infant abandonment to safe haven providers, as well the general public.  At safe haven facilities, our education focuses on best practices for receiving and processing safe haven newborns and general care instructions for both mothers in crisis and their infants. 

We educate the general public on the issues of infant abandonment including the reasons for abandonment, the types of infant abandonment, the laws surrounding infant abandonment, and the ways the public can help create better outcomes for abandoned infants.

If you would like to book a representative from THE HOPE BOX to educate your group on the issues and solutions surrounding infant abandonment, please call us at 770-765-6301 or email us at


3. Develop procedures to rescue and receive abandoned infants. These best practice procedures will be provided to Safe Haven facilities including police stations, fire stations, hospitals, and health departments. 


4. Bridge the gap between organizations and safe haven providers. THE HOPE BOX will be notified of safe haven infants in the state of Georgia to collect statistics.  We also work to protect infants who are at risk of being trafficked for sex, by bringing information about trafficking plans before Georgia courts to secure protective orders.

en Child Welfare Organizations and Forever Families