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March 17, 2019



The fight to protect our children is our greatest mission for the future of this country. The Hope Box was launched in 2014 with the idea to help mothers in crisis.  Mothers that might find themselves with infants that they cannot care for.  The Hope Box provides resources for these mothers so that they can make safe decisions for their infants instead of using abandonment, or discardment.


I have often have heard things from other people like, “why would a mother abandon her infant?” There really are so many reasons why she might find her self in this situation.


Let me name a few:


1. Sex Trafficking – trying to protect her infant from being in danger or even sold for sex.


2. Incest – being used by a family member and afraid of what would happen if the baby is found out.


3. Domestic violence – facing a person again and again knowing what they have done to you, and knowing that you could not protect your infant from them. 


We know that 75% of our most at risk children in this country are between the ages of 0-3, and over 50% of those are infants (0-1). This crisis is happening right under our noises. These children are going to be leading this country someday, they will be mom, dads, and teachers and more.






We can change this together!  Would you consider joining our fight to protect the most vulnerable, the next generation. My hope is that they will know love, have sound mind, feel safe, and rise when the time is right to protect the next generation following, just as we have done for them. 


If you are Safe Haven provider and need training on the safe haven laws and at-risk-infants Click Here


Here is a link of the issues 

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You can make donations here 

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If you would like to know more about The Hope Box or if you would like have us come and speak at your next event

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