My pimp told me we could get a good price for my baby

January 16, 2019



Imagine receiving the following message from your niece:


My pimp told me we could get a good price for my baby. I am coming to get the baby as soon as I am out of jail. 


Your heart sinks. You feel sick to your stomach.  You have been caring for her baby and hoped her time in jail would be the start of her road to recovery and healing.  Now, she is planning to do the unthinkable—sell her baby to the highest bidder for sex—a possible death sentence for this child.


You jump into action and you call the Department of Family and Child Services (DFCS) and then you call the police. You are heartbroken when you hear there is nothing they can do until there has been a crime. You think, “What can I do?!”


You are panicked until you remember a young woman you met who said her organization could help your niece find a safe place for her baby.  She is your last hope to save this precious life. You call her and she jumps into action. The director of the organization takes the information and begins to give you a step by step process on what to do next. You then go straight to the courts and do everything she said to do and are able to get before a judge and show him the information. The judge put a stop to the mother being able to come get the child. Because of The Hope Box, you were able to protect this baby, and now the baby has been placed with a safe and loving forever family.


This is the true story of just one of the babies THE HOPE BOX helped this year. A young woman addicted to drugs and being sold for sex was hopeless and saw her own baby as a way out of the pain—if only for a moment. Selling her baby meant she could stop turning tricks for a few weeks. What is unthinkable to us is unfortunately survival for some.  And this isn’t an isolated case. There are buyers ready to purchase an infant for sexual purposes right now.  


In addition to providing better outcomes for abandoned babies, THE HOPE BOX is stepping into the very dark world of infant trafficking and we are saving babies. Where DFCS and the law cannot go until a crime has occurred, we can address through the courts quickly and effectively.  


The framework for infant rescue and care are in place. Moving into 2018, we will work on getting our name and our helpline into the hands of those who need it. All we need is one tip to save a life. 


Will you pray for us? We are fighting against dark forces who profit from the gross abuse of these precious babies. Will you also consider joining with us by giving a year-end gift to THE HOPE BOX so we can continue our life-saving, destiny-changing work in 2018?  


Thank you for your partnership.