THE HOPE BOX: A Driving Force in Protecting Abandoned Newborns

This week, Georgia Fire Stations received notification of the amended Safe Haven law. House Bill 391 was amended to include fire and police stations as locations where an infant who is less than 30 days old could be surrendered.

Georgia's 488 Fire Stations now need the information, protocols, and supplies in place to comply with the law and to provide a safe place abandoned infants.

Rockdale County Fire Chief, Dan Morgan, the Director at Large of the Georgia State Firefighters' Association wrote to Georgia's Fire Stations about their partnership with the Department of Human Services and THE HOPE BOX:

"The Georgia State Firefighters' Association (GSFA) is actively working with the DHS and the local representatives of the national Safe Haven initiative, THE HOPE BOX, to forward the items each fire department and station need in regards to supplies, contact numbers, signs, and procedures. This organization, THE HOPE BOX, is located in Marietta and is the driving force in protecting newborns that are abandoned in Georgia. We are fortunate to have an organization like this assisting us with this issue. You may have seen them at the Joint Fire Service Conference in Athens. They were in the vendor area with a booth handing out information on the program and the latest changes in the Georgia law."

This new partnership is a huge step in improving outcomes for abandoned babies in Georgia. We are working hard to prepare the resources and training needed for these new Safe Haven locations. Through these Safe Haven partnerships, we will also be notified of every Safe Haven infant received in Georgia so we can track and advocate for these infants. We will be a voice for the voiceless.

A huge thank you to our prayer and financial partners. Establishing these strategic partnerships has been possible because of your committed support.

Providing essential education and vital resources to Georgia's new Safe Haven facilities will allow us to provide better outcomes for abandoned infants, but we need your help to accomplish this objective. Will you prayerfully consider a year-end gift to THE HOPE BOX to continue our life-saving work?

Read the Article by Fire Chief Dan Morgan

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