Discarded Babies

November 10, 2017






Over 3,400 Lives Saved to Date by the Safe Haven Law.

In 2017 alone, 478 infants have been abandoned in Georgia, the second highest rate after California with 774 abandonments.





At times, women in crisis “discard” their babies in dangerous locations without adequate medical care. There are many reasons why a woman feels she must leave her infant. She could be a victim of sex trafficking, domestic violence or incest. She may have a fear of being disowned by her family.  She could be in foster care and wants to save her child from being raised in the system. Whatever the issue, she feels she has no other choice. The risk of keeping her baby is greater than the risk of discarding the infant.


To address this type of infant abandonment, the state of Georgia has passed the Safe Haven law to provide safe places for a Mother to anonymously leave their infants without fear of prosecution. In 2017 alone, 3,371 babies have been surrendered to Safe Haven locations nationally.

THE HOPE BOX has been instrumental in working with the Georgia State Legislators to expand the Georgia Safe Haven law. This expanded legislation was passed in 2017. House Bill 391 increases Georgia Safe Haven facilities to include hospitals, police stations, and fire departments. It also removes the requirement to leave identification and now the mother may leave information if willing.


Now that the new Safe Haven law has passed, hospitals, police stations and fire stations must be educated on the law, as well as trained and outfitted to receive Safe Haven infants. The State, of Georgia is divided into 159 counties, more than any other state except for Texas, which has 254 counties. And most of these counties have fire stations are completely volunteer with a budget of only $600.00 a year.  60 to 70 percent of all fire stations in the state of Georgia are 100% volunteer staffed. THE HOPE BOX is working hard to get information to them and is working to raise funds for a Safe Haven medical box. We also have a need for funding to put signs up all over the state.


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