"I was exposed to the trailer of “The Drop Box”

"I was exposed to the trailer of “The Drop Box”, a documentary dealing with the issue of infant abandonment in South Korea, during my junior year of high school. This minute-long trailer about the cultural shame of mothers in Korea who get pregnant out of wedlock and the rising statistic of infant abandonment moved me to my core. Growing up as a Korean American, this issue of shame resonated deeply within me.

Two years later, I had the amazing opportunity to spend my summer not only working for the Baby Box in Korea, but also living there. Every time a baby would get dropped off, a bell would go off inside the house. I cannot accentuate the amount of times the bell went off in that one summer alone. It would go off at least once a day from mothers with issues ranging from teen pregnancy to one night stands to postpartum depression. Every single story was different. Every single mother felt like abandoning their child was their only option. Listening to each women’s story and hands on taking care of these babies changed everything for me.

The biggest thing I learned from this experience was first and foremost, the safety, health, and life of the infant. The fact that they got placed into this box, which lead to medical care and a safe adoption agency instead of abandonment or an unsafe home was a blessing in itself. Second, every mother has a story. There is a reason why every single mother felt the need to go through with such extremities. These issues have been taboo for far too long. Hearing these issues and taking care of these babies solidified the reality of this social injustice.

After this experience, I have committed my education and my spare time to actively striving towards ending this social justice issue. Through my experience I hope to create a deeper conviction within the hearts of others to join and help shed light to infant abandonment. With the integration of teams, conviction, and prayer I believe this statistic can be greatly reduced and one day stopped for good. "

For More information contact: thehopebox.org

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