You Matter

September 13, 2017


      Value: relative worth, merit, or importance.

      Worth: good or important enough to justify.

      Worthy: deserving; good enough.

   Value is something in life we don't always feel. The world around us can make us feel devalued way more often than valued. The value of something determines it's worth, it's importance.


Sometimes what life deals us doesn't make us feel worth much and definitely leaves us feeling unimportant. When value and worth are lacking in our lives, in our own evaluation of ourselves, we feel that we are not worthy of very much- or for that matter, anything at all.


   If anything is making you feel that you are lacking these in your life, there is always a way out. There is Hope. A way for change will come around, a way that's better.


Something that was lost can always be found, and something you've never had can always be attained. If you're life lacks anything, it can be added to you. Where you're at now is not where you have to stay. 


   The beauty of life is change, growth, and progression. Change is a beautiful thing. Think of the seasons, just as the seasons change, so do we.


As in winter, when we think we cannot handle one more day of the cold, frigid air, but then spring arrives to warm things up. And vice versa for the summer's hot, sultry days, fall comes to cool us down.


We also move from one stage to another, growth happens in these changes. In winter, all is quiet to the naked eye, but beneath the ground roots are going deep, preparing for spring and summer when growth happens with new branches, buds, and blossoms. Progression is in the cycle, it always progresses, it never goes backward. And neither will you.


   Your life may not be where you desire it to be right now. You may be hanging by a thread, wondering if you should even continue on in life's journey. The answer is yes.

You matter.


You have value- you are valuable. You have worth and are worthy of so much. Read that again. Now read it again. Read it until it becomes your reality. Write it down, post it where you can read it daily, until it is part of your identity.


   You are worthy of so much. Jesus thought you were worthy when He went to the cross for you. You mean so much He died for you! The value and worth in that alone is overwhelming. His love deposits value and worth into you- you literally carry them with you. Be strong. Hold on. You can do this. It's just a season, a new one's coming. You matter!  


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