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The safe haven law is where a mother can relinquish her baby no questions asked.   

If you are in need of this law please contact us today.

Are you pregnant and in need of help? Do you know someone who is pregnant and in crisis?

Do you have information about an infant who is at risk of being trafficked?  

Help is available today. Please call THE HOPE BOX!


                                   Hotline at (770) 765-6301

For information and resources, click on a link below.

Be the change in your community! We are seeking leaders in our community with a heart to serve as a volunteer using their talents and abilities to join us. If you have a passion and desire to stand with The Hope Box, apply now to join our team of great leaders in bringing The Hope Box into your city. Learn More

There are many reasons a mother would choose to surrender her baby. We are here to provide the community education and insight regarding the circumstances surrounding illegal abandonment of newborns. The Hope Box wants to come alongside mothers, fathers and grandparents to help educate and aid them in understanding their rights concerning abandonment. Learn More

In addition to providing education on resources, prevention, and safe options, we are also educating communities on what the current law in Georgia states regarding the legal avenue for infant abandonment.

Every state has their own specific set of safe haven laws. It is vital that our communities understand what their legal rights are for infant abandonment. Learn More


Invite The Hope Box to your business or organization. We are scheduling presentations to offer education regarding why infant abandonment occurs, our solutions in prevention, and ways we can work together bringing hope to the community. Contact us today and book an educational team for a  presentation at your business.

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