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Learn More About Safe Haven Laws And Trainings

The Hope Box is a team of leading experts in infant abandonment.

The purpose of the Safe Haven law is to provide safe places for a mother to anonymously leave her infant without fear of prosecution. In 2017 alone, 3,371 babies have been surrendered to Safe Haven locations nationally.

What Is The Safe Haven Law?

The Hope Box has been instrumental in working with the Georgia state legislators to expand the Georgia Safe Haven law. This expanded legislation was passed in 2017. House Bill 391 increases Georgia Safe Haven facilities to include hospitals, police stations, fire departments, health departments. It also removes the requirement to 

leave identification and now the mother may leave information if willing. This change of law extended the time period a mom is allowed to relinquish her infant without fear of persecution. This time period has been extended from 7 days to 30 days.

Training Safe Haven Providers


Now that the new Safe Haven law has passed, we highly recommend all Safe Haven Providers (hospitals, police stations, fire stations, health departments, and any other official Safe Haven Provider locations) receive training so that they will have proficient understanding of the law, and necessary protocols and procedures to be followed. The Hope Box is working hard to get information to Safe Haven Providers and assist any state needing to complete this training.

Why should organizations go through this training?

- To be assured the organization is in compliance with the Safe Haven law.
- To gain knowledge of infant abandonment.
- To be trained on the best practices, policies, and procedures in place concerning infant abandonment.
- To gain in-depth knowledge of how to respond to trauma-induced responses.
- To establish communication with other Safe Haven Providers in your community.

What are the credentials?

The Hope Box is Georgia's Safe Haven law experts and training facilitators.

- P.O.S.T. approved (2.0 credits for police department employees) course IBGCIIG.
- GFSTC approved (1.5 credits for fire department employees) course #1657-2206-01.
- AHEC approved (credits for medical employees).
- State vendor approved.

How much does it cost?

The cost of training is $1,500 per 50 attendees.

Read What Others Have 
To Say About Our Trainings

Very informative and now have better knowledge of situations.

Great instructor, beneficial things to know.

Great information that is needed.

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