Project for the Homeless

The Hope Box is launching its Project for the Homeless. One of the main goals of the Hope Box is to empower at-risk mothers and infants to make informed decisions regarding the life of their infant and their own life. We do this by educating women on safe options for themselves and their infants and providing them with necessary resources. We are wanting to reach our homeless communities so that at-risk mothers and infants within these communities have access to our information and resources. We are very excited about this project and would love to get the community involved, and therefore would love to come speak at local churches about this project and how they can get involved.


Throughout the month of August we will be collecting donations. Here is the list of the needed donations:

  • water bottles (full size)

  • socks (stretchy and in gender neutral colors)

  • chapstick 

  • granola bars (chewy with protein)

  • deodorant 

  • moist towelettes

  • monetary donations to cover packaging and materials

Donations can be dropped off at Desktop Co-Working Community in Kennesaw, GA. Donations can also be mailed to 3330 Cobb pkwy, Suite 324-180, Acworth GA, 30101. Please contact Emily Gagne if you make a donation. 

During the month of September, we will have an event date to package all donations and get them ready to pass out. This event will be held on Saturday,  September 25th.

Volunteers will also be needed to help with outreach events to hand out items in the month of October. Dates for outreach events will be on October 16th and October 30th. 


If you would like to register for any of these events, please register at the following links:

For any other inquiries please reach out to either: