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Daily, THE HOPE BOX is at work around the state of Georgia to rescue abandoned babies and to bring awareness to the issues surrounding infant abandonment. One key area of work over the past year has been within the Georgia legislature to expand the Georgia Safe Haven law. 

History of Georgia's Safe Haven Law 

The first Safe Haven law was established in Texas as the "Baby Moses Law" in 1999. Soon after, other states, including Georgia, began the process of implementing similar laws. Georgia's "Safe Place for Newborns Act of 2002" was brought to the Georgia Capitol in 1998 by Former Georgia House Representative, Judy Manning. Four years later, the law was established in Georgia.

Since the establishment of these Newborn Safe Haven Laws, our country as a whole has been able to safely receive thousands of abandoned newborns. The Safe Haven Law saves lives.


Georgia's Safe Haven Law Amended in 2017


Georgia had one of the most limited Newborn Safe Haven Laws in the nation. The Hope Box worked diligently to bring awareness to the limitations of the Georgia Safe Haven Law and was able to work with the Georgia State Capital and its House of Representatives and Senators to have the law amended in 2017. On May 8, 2017, the law was signed by the Governor.

The amended Safe Haven law offers additional drop locations, as well as an age extension for the newborns received. 

Under the new Safe Haven Law in Georgia:

  • A newborn can be left at a Safe Haven location up to 30 days after birth vs. seven days in the original law.

  • The mother no longer needs to have identification to leave her baby - she may leave it but is not required.

  • A newborn can now be left at a hospital, police station, health department or fire station. 



THE HOPE BOX would like to offer special thanks to those who worked on House Bill 391

(AS PASSED HOUSE AND SENATE) By: Representatives Clark of the 98th, Ballinger of the 23rd, Coomer of the 14th, Cooper of the 43rd, Dempsey of the 13th, and others.

WE WOULD ALSO LIKE TO THANK Representative Micheal Caldwell for your help and diligence in moving the law process forward on behalf of the infants and mothers in our state.

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