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Called To Hope

Meet The Founder: Sarah Koeppen


Sarah knows all too well about the issue of abandonment ⎯ for her it is personal because her son Elijah was dropped off on her doorstep at age three. Sarah and her husband Joel became one-in-five in the state of Colorado to take sole custody of a non-blood relative. 


Sarah Koeppen is an author and the executive director/founder

of The Hope Box. 

Sarah is married and has five children. Sarah’s journey began years ago when her son was dropped off at her front door. She studied the law and eventually was able to secure sole custody of him. Her experiences over the years have given her an expert level of knowledge on issues of abandonment and child services. Sarah is a public speaker, child advocate, and expert on the issues of the abandonment of babies, and works diligently to fight against sex trafficking of infants. Sarah was instrumental in amending the Georgia Safe Haven law (House Bill 391) in 2017.

About Called To Hope

Nonprofit Founder of The Hope Box, Inc. Recounts Her Fight Against Infant Abandonment, Abuse, and Neglect

Sarah Koeppen discusses her dedication to protecting children and connecting them with forever families in her debut memoir: ‘Called to Hope.’


Sarah Koeppen, a child advocate, who works diligently to fight against sex trafficking of

infants recently published her debut book: “Called to Hope: The Story of Sarah Koeppen, founder of The Hope Box, Inc.” This galvanizing memoir showcases her powerful connection to God and


dedication to becoming the mother of a child who was abandoned on her doorstep. Koeppen started her foundation, The Hope Box, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit, after going through the difficult process of adopting her child, Elijah.


“Elijah was abandoned at the age of three, which marked the beginning of me finding out how big all the

issues are concerning children in this country,” said Koeppen. “I started The Hope Box, Inc. to support

mothers with adoption resources, so children have their best chance for a great life.”


The Hope Box, Inc. helps connect babies with forever families and prevents infant abandonment, so

children can be fully nurtured. This organization helps at-risk mothers and babies who are under the age

of three by providing them with legal, public safety, and medical resources.

In her memoir, Koeppen shares how she was instrumental in amending the Georgia Safe Haven law

(House Bill 291) in 2017. With this bill, public places such as health departments, hospitals, fire

departments, and police stations became Safe Haven facilities in Georgia and the mother could now have

the ability to decide whether she would like to leave her information with them. According to The Hope

Box, Inc. website, 4,002 lives have been saved due to this law.


“Called to Hope” highlights stories filled with hope and the grace of God and explains how The Hope

Box, Inc. supports mothers and children with adoption resources, lobbying for legislation and the

prevention of child sex trafficking. This eye-opening book can inspire readers to do a better job of taking

care of our nation’s children.

“Called to Hope: The Story of Sarah Koeppen, founder of The Hope Box, Inc.”

By Sarah Koeppen

ISBN: 978-1-9736-9579-0 (softcover); 978-1-9736-9580-6 (e-book)

Available at the WestBow Press Online BookstoreAmazon, and Barnes & Noble.

For more information about Called To Hope, or to book Sarah for a speaking engagement, please send an email to

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