THE HOPE BOX is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded to address the issues of infant discardment, abandonment, neglect, and abuse through legislation, education, advocacy, and Safe Haven drop centers. THE HOPE BOX is the Safe Haven chapter for the State of Georgia and was instrumental in amending House Bill 391 in 2017.


THE HOPE BOX Mission is to rescue and assist at-risk-mothers and babies age three and under by working with legislators, public safety professionals, medical personnel, and adoption professionals and by addressing the issue of infant abandonment. 


THE HOPE BOX Vision is to eliminate infant abandonment, neglect, and abuse and to help infants connect with forever families where they can be physically, spiritually, and emotionally nurtured. 



THE HOPE BOX is governed by a board of directors that meets on a quarterly basis.



More About...


The Hope Box deals with anything concerning infant abandonment!. 

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